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Long Heating and Cooling provides HVAC service in Headland, AL. We have the experience and commitment to repair, maintain, and install heating and cooling systems that stand the test of time.

Need heating and cooling solutions? You can count on us for reliable, trustworthy, and professional services. We aim to prolong the life of your heating and cooling systems while treating your property with care.

Whether you require residential or commercial solutions, we can meet your needs. Contact us today for HVAC service in Headland, AL. In addition to serving Headland, we also offer a broad range of HVAC solutions in Dothan, AL.

Your Reliable Source for HVAC and Heating/Cooling Solutions in Headland, AL

HVAC provides year-round temperature regulation with energy efficiency and low maintenance. We offer a wide range of systems for heating and cooling in Headland, AL, and are fully versed in old and new HVAC systems.


Swift and Efficient HVAC Repairs

When your HVAC system shows these signs, it might be time for a replacement:

  • Poor air circulation
  • Poor temperature regulation
  • Loud noises
  • Odors

We can evaluate your system to locate the root cause of the issue and rectify it. We approach repairs holistically, ensuring your system is in top condition. Choose Long Heating and Cooling for HVAC repair in Headland, AL.

Expert HVAC Installation in: Quality and Efficiency Combined

We install HVAC in Headland, AL, per your property size and requirements. We can offer energy-efficient and low-maintenance solutions to ensure a comfortable temperature for your property.


Smooth HVAC Replacements for Optimum Efficiency

Outdated HVAC systems can have faults that cause inefficiency and increased maintenance requirements. We offer HVAC replacement in Headland, AL, to update your cooling and heating systems while lowering energy and maintenance costs.

Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Service

A brand-new HVAC system needs care and maintenance to stay in good working condition. We provide HVAC service in Headland, AL, to ensure your system operates at its best, and we aim to prolong the lifespan of your system so you get the most out of your investment.


Top-notch Air Conditioner Solutions and AC Repair in Headland, AL

An air conditioner provides temperature regulation to keep your space cool. We offer air conditioners and AC repair in Headland, AL, ensuring you get the highest quality cooling and heating solutions for your property.


Resolving AC Issues: Expert Air Conditioner Repair in Headland, AL

If your air conditioner unit is not supplying enough cold air, is leaking, or is not providing even distribution, we can resolve the issue. We provide comprehensive air conditioner repair in Headland, AL, to ensure your system is working optimally and take steps to help you avoid future repairs.


Transparency in Air Conditioning Installation

We offer complete transparency for air conditioning in Headland, AL. We evaluate your property to determine your AC needs and recommend energy-efficient and low-maintenance AC. Our installation processes are efficient, and we leave your property just as we found it.


Superior Air Conditioning Replacement for Enhanced Comfort

If your AC unit is no longer providing comfort and temperature regulation, it could have reached the end of its lifespan. We can provide air conditioning replacement services for a more energy-efficient and effective system.


Air Conditioning Service for Prolonged System Life

AC is a significant investment. Protect it with our air conditioning service in Headland, AL. We can organize a service plan to ensure your system is properly maintained and operating at its best.

Efficient Heat Pumps in Headland, AL for Optimal Heating

Heat pumps provide an efficient and cost-effective heating solution for your property. Choose Long Heating and Cooling for heat pumps in Headland, AL. Our expert services are not confined to Headland, Alabama; we also cater to Dothan, AL for all of your heat pump needs!


Restoring Heat Efficiency: Heat Pump Repair

Repairs may be needed if your system does not provide even heating, takes too long to heat up, or emits foul odors. We can clean your air filters and repair your system to restore it to total operational efficiency. Choose us for heat pump repair in Headland, AL.

Beneficial Heat Pump Installation: Energy Savings Guaranteed

Heat pumps provide many benefits for your home’s energy efficiency, operating at just 0.55-5.14 kWh. We offer heat pump installation in Headland, AL, and provide expert, fast, and efficient service. We can recommend the best solutions for your property and install them to ensure your comfort.

Heat Pump Replacement: Upgrade to Efficiency

Need heat pump replacement in Headland, AL? When your heat pump reaches the end of its lifespan, you lose money due to a lack of efficiency. Our installation processes can save you on your monthly bills and increase the efficiency of your heat pump by up to 40% if your current model is outdated.

Holistic Heat Pump Service: Comfort for Years

Heat pumps are costly to replace. To ensure your heat pump lasts, call us for heat pump service in Headland, AL. We take a holistic approach to your repairs to ensure your heat pump provides comfort for many years. Choose from our service plans for consistent maintenance.

Reliable Furnace Solutions in Headland, AL for Colder Seasons

A furnace is an essential and energy-efficient consideration for the colder seasons. We provide furnace services in Headland, AL, to protect your comfort year-round.

Getting Your Warmth Back: Furnace Repair

Is your furnace emitting odors or failing to heat your property? We offer repairs to get your furnace back to full operational capacity. Choose us for reliable furnace repair in Headland, AL. We can locate the source of the issue and will evaluate the health of your furnace on our visit.

Energy-Efficient Furnace Installation

We provide furnace installation in Headland, AL by evaluating your property’s needs. Then, we recommend the most energy-efficient and low-maintenance furnace to ensure lasting comfort. You can count on us for reliable service and expertise. We can also install furnaces in the Dothan, Alabama area!

Replace Your Old Furnace: Embrace the Efficiency

If your furnace is old, it may have reached the end of its lifespan. An old furnace can be far less efficient than an updated model – which is why we offer furnace replacement in Headland, AL. You can expect professional service from our team and a significant reduction in your energy costs with a newer model.

Furnace Service: Protect Your Investment and Comfort

To keep your furnace in top condition and extend its lifespan, consider our furnace service in Headland, AL. We evaluate the condition of your furnace and take preemptive action to prevent costly repairs and replacements. Our convenient service plans protect your comfort without detracting from your time.

Get in Touch for Premier HVAC Service in Headland, AL

Do you require HVAC service in Headland, AL or Enterprise, AL? Contact our professional, experienced, and fully certified experts at Long Heating and Cooling. Call us at (334) 790-0977.


Here are some questions you might have about HVAC service in Headland, AL.

Why is my furnace not heating properly?

Your furnace should provide consistent and even temperatures throughout your property. Slow heating and uneven temperatures can be rectified with furnace repairs in Headland, AL.

How long does a HVAC system last?

An HVAC system lasts for around 10-20 years. Without proper care and maintenance, the lifespan will be shorter, which is we always recommend our clients to inquire about our yearly maintenance HVAC service in Headland, AL.

Is a heat pump energy-efficient?

A heat pump can heat your home more efficiently than a central heating system, providing comfortable temperatures without raising energy bills. Heat pump installation in Headland, AL, can ensure your system is efficient.

Why does my air conditioner smell?

Air conditioning units emit a foul odor when their air filters have not been cleaned. Investing in air conditioner service in Headland, AL, ensures your air filters are cleaned, and the system is maintained regularly. Besides Headland, AL, we also bring our wide array of air conditioning services to Dothan, AL.

Is HVAC maintenance required?

If your HVAC system is not operating at its total capacity, this causes increases in your energy bills – so opt for maintenance and servicing to ensure cost-efficiency.