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We offer expert and professional heat pump services in Dothan, AL to ensure your heating comfort and warmth when you need it the most.

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Ensuring Cozy Indoors: Dependable Heat Pump Repair in Dothan, AL

We specialize in heat pump repair in Dothan, AL, helping maintain the effectiveness of your home’s heating system. If your heat pump isn’t working correctly, it might be consuming more energy than necessary, thus hiking up your bills. 


Diagnose the Trouble: Identifying Heat Pump Problems in Dothan, AL


The heat pump won’t turn on

This one is fairly obvious. If your heat pump won’t turn on, this is a key sign that it needs repairs or replacement. A repair technician can evaluate your pump and determine the best course of action.


Home not a comfortable temperature

If the temperature of your heat pump does not match the temperature setting of your home, there could be efficiency issues. Heat pump repairs in Dothan, AL can restore the efficiency of your heat pumps and ensure comfort in your home.


Strange smells and noises

Loose screws or dirty air filters can cause strange smells and noises to come from your heat pump. These issues are easily resolved with heat pump repairs from Long Heating and Cooling.

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Heat Pump Installation & Repair

A Warm Welcome: Expert Heat Pump Installation in Dothan, AL

Our heating installation team will help make your home more comfortable with professional, friendly, and tidy heat pump installation in Dothan, AL. We provide top-quality heat pumps and will treat your home as we would our own.

Our heat pump installation process in Dothan, AL is designed to provide long-lasting comfort so you can enjoy warmth in your home year after year. Our reach isn’t limited to Dothan; we’re pleased to deliver heating and cooling services in Enterprise, AL as well.

Unboxing Comfort: The Benefits of Heat Pump Installation in Dothan, AL

Low Running Costs

When purchasing a new heating system for your home, it’s important to know that today’s best heating systems use 30-50% less energy than the units from the 1990s. Installing a new system will provide lower running costs and household utility bills.

Low Maintenance

Heat pumps require far less maintenance than central heating systems, so you can heat your home without the hassle of repair and reinstallation.

Comfortable Living

Our heat pumps are controllable and adjustable to ensure your home is always at the optimal temperature for comfortable living.

Time for a Change: When to Consider Heat Pump Replacement in Dothan, AL

When is it time to replace your heating system? There are key signs to consider when deciding whether to replace your home heating system. Our heat pump experts can help you select the correct system to properly condition your air and keep you warm and cozy all winter. Choose Long Heating and Cooling for fast, reliable, and affordable heat pump replacement in Dothan, AL. We extend our services beyond heat pump replacements to include furnace repairs in Dothan, AL.

Expensive Utility Bills

Utility bills getting more expensive and consistently climbing could indicate that your old heat pump has to work too hard to keep up with demand.


Home is Not a Comfortable Temperature

If your home’s heat pump is not maintaining a comfortable temperature, it could be time to replace your old unit.


Strange Noises

When your heat pump gets old, you may hear strange noises from your unit due to worn-out and overused parts.


Maintain the Warmth: Exceptional Heat Pump Services in Dothan, AL

Protect Your Investment with Heat Pump Maintenance

If you want to protect your investment, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your heat pump keeps running at peak performance and extends the life of your system. We provide heat pump service in Dothan, AL to ensure you get the most out of your home heating solutions. Our service offerings span beyond Dothan, delivering an assortment of heating and cooling services in Headland, AL.

Reach Out to Long Heating and Cooling for Reliable Heat Pump Services in Dothan, AL

We are your trusted heat pump service in Dothan, AL. Contact us now to ensure your heat pump stands the test of time. Alongside our heat pump solutions, our air conditioning service in Dothan, AL is also readily available.

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Your Questions Answered: FAQs on Heat Pump Systems in Dothan, AL

Let’s discuss some of the questions you might have about heat pumps.

Are Heat Pumps Expensive to Run?

Heat pumps are considered an energy-efficient heating solution for your home. They are low-maintenance and cost-effective to run – between 0.8-9 kWh.

Why should I service my heat pump regularly?

Servicing your heat pump regularly will ensure that your filters are clean and that your heating system operates optimally to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Why is my heat pump not working?

Your heat pump could be broken if it won’t switch on or reach the temperature setting. If this is the case, a repair technician from Long Heating and Cooling can help you locate the issue’s source and perform repairs.

Why does my heat pump smell?

If you do not clean the filter, your heat pump could emit foul odors. Getting your heat pump serviced regularly will eliminate debris in your filter to prevent unpleasant smells.

Is a heat pump better than central heating?

A heat pump is a more efficient alternative to central heating and can help you keep your energy bills affordable.