Air conditioning malfunctions are frustrating. An air conditioner is your protection against the hottest months of the year. Without a properly working unit, there is not much to ward off the southeast Alabama heat. If you are having issues with your AC unit turning on and off, there are a few main issues that could be the case. Once the issue is identified, a professional HVAC service will be able to fix it quickly.

The air compressor is damaged

There are many different issues that could damage an air compressor. However the malfunction occurs, the usual consequence is that the damaged compressor causes overheating. This overheating often leads to the air conditioner turning on and off frequently, hence the cause and effect for the problem. An HVAC professional can easily fix the fault compressor or replace it and thus solve the issue.

The drain line is clogged

Another issue that could lead to an air conditioner turning on and off is a clogged drain line. Often when a drain line is clogged, there is an automatic setting that shuts down the AC unit until the line drains correctly. This setting prevents water damage to the unit by stopping the unit from running and collecting additional condensation. The solution to this issue is to unclog the drain line, or ask an HVAC tech to do it for you.

The condenser coils are dirty

Condenser coils are located outside, and thus can quickly become dirty. However, if allowed to get too dirty, the buildup can inhibit the function of the coils. Condenser coils release heat from the inside of the home to the outside of the home, which means obstructed coils could make the system overheat. The solution to this issue is to schedule maintenance for the unit and have a technician clean the coils.

There are electrical issues

Electrical issues can definitely be a reason why an AC unit turns on and off. Faulty wiring between the unit and a thermostat can be one electrical cause for the issue. Another potential electrical issue could be a faulty circuit board, or even a malfunctioning capacitor. For any of these potential problems, the solution is getting an HVAC tech or electrician to diagnose the cause and then repair or replace any faulty electrical workings.

Schedule maintenance for your unit

The best way to avoid your air conditioner turning on and off is to schedule regular maintenance for your unit. Most experts recommend routine maintenance twice yearly, before the hottest and coldest months of the year. Long Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing excellent service to the Wiregrass area, and we specialize in regular maintenance plans to keep your unit running all year long. To schedule, click here or call 334-790-0977 today.