Is One Air Conditioner Brand Much Better than the Others?

Goodman, Carrier, Trane, Rheem, etc etc etc. The list is long for air conditioner brands…which is best? Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Both from what I’ve seen and what I know about air conditioners, most all equipment brands are on an equal playing field. Regardless of what the commercials say, there are very few parts and pieces that are different. A major item like the compressor is almost always the same among brands. The coils are all manufactured with the same basic standards. Smaller components are sourced from the same vendors…really just different tags on the units.

So what’s different? My opinion is that 85% of the difference comes from:

1- Proper installation

2- Regular maintenance

Proper Installation

Have you ever heard of, or had yourself, an air conditioner that has problem after problem. It seems like one issue just leads to the next. Although not always the case, this is often the result of a poor installation. It seems like you’re never done sinking money into it. You may have gotten the job done for a few hundred dollars less than the other contractor, but you’re making up for it now with unexpected breaks, costly fixes, and short life of the unit.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a pretty obvious need, but something that very few people do. When regular maintenance isn’t done, the equipment slowly breaks down and eventually quits altogether. Coils get dirty, capacitors become out of tolerance, slow leaks aren’t detected… These seemingly minor issues destroy the major components of your air conditioner and lead to its inevitable early death.

Who’s Doing the Work Makes All The Difference

Think of this when you’re choosing your contractor. Is this a team that will do a good job? Are they trustworthy? Will they properly maintain, clean, and inspect my equipment and keep me informed on how it’s performing?


Don’t just look at a brand of air conditioner…look at who’s doing the work! This is how you ensure long term comfort and life of your air conditioner, resulting in a more energy efficient unit and much higher cost savings.

Please share this info with your friends and family…KNOW YOUR OPTIONS!!!

Take action now and add YEARS of life, efficiency, and comfort to your system!

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