While they tend to last from about ten to thirty years, air conditioning systems do eventually need to be replaced. If this amount of time has passed, and you’re starting to notice issues with your system, it could be time to schedule an installation for a new air conditioner. The task may seem daunting, but a qualified HVAC company will make the process seamless for you and your family. After you have contacted the HVAC company, the installation process is in effect. However, you may be wondering ahead of time what the full process entails. Here are the basics of what will occur during an HVAC installation:


By booking an appointment with an HVAC technician, you are scheduling a consultation. The tech will meet with you at your home to inspect the system and inform you of your options, which will include a price estimate and the scale of the work that needs to be completed. Sometimes a replacement is not necessary, and the technician will note if repairs can be made to the current system to avoid a replacement. However, if the tech concludes that a replacement is unpreventable, the next step will be to schedule an installation date.


Installing a new HVAC system is a lengthy process, often taking one or more full days of work depending on the scope of the project. To start with, drop cloths or tarps are placed around the site if the installation is indoors, protecting your home from any excess dust, debris, or staining material that could otherwise create a huge mess. Next, the old system is removed piece by piece, and the old equipment is hauled away to make room for the new equipment. This includes the old ductwork and wiring, among other parts. The ductwork is then replaced, followed by the wiring and power lines. Everything is cleaned thoroughly, and important elements such as filter dryers and insulation are replaced when necessary. Nitrogen is ran through the system to check for leaks, and then the technician adds refrigerant and service valves.


The last step in the installation process is a series of routine tests to make sure the system is running correctly. These tests are performed on just about every function of the system, including the following:
-The furnace
-Pressure levels
-Safety devices
-Temperature rise

When all these tests have been completed with positive results, the installation of the system is complete. The technicians will clean up, and then your home is all set with a new HVAC system that will keep you and your family comfortable through the changing seasons.

Booking an installation

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