The key to maintaining an effective air conditioning unit is not just repairs when something is not working, but also regular checks to prevent issues in the first place. Routine air conditioner maintenance is perhaps the most important aspect of keeping an HVAC unit running correctly. An experienced technician performing routine checks can catch any problems that would cause major damage to the unit, which saves money by preventing the need for pricier repairs.


Some HVAC experts suggest that units should be inspected once every year, but most conclude that a checkup once every six months is best for routine repairs. During this inspection, a technician will perform routine checks and make sure everything is working properly. Unless any issues arise before the six month mark, this inspection should last for half a year and keep your HVAC unit running smoothly.

Types of Checks

General Checks: First, your HVAC unit will need an overall inspection. This process involves the following:

  • replacing the air filter
  • checking refrigerant levels
  • looking for any leaks
  • testing and (if necessary) resetting the thermostat
  • checking the blower belt for wear
  • draining the pan
  • inspecting the air ducts for blockage

An experienced technician will ensure all of these small but important details are working correctly. Even the simplest issue with any of these elements can eventually cause major issues, which is why testing and correcting each is so important.

Cleaning: There are various parts of an HVAC unit that need regular cleaning to prevent a buildup of debris. The blower of the unit is one of these parts. The motor and fan of the blower must both be thoroughly cleaned in a routine check. Other parts of the unit that require cleaning are the condenser coils (located outdoors) and the evaporator coils (located indoors), both of which must be cleared of any debris, dirt, pet hair, or other accumulations that could cause obstruction.

Final Operation Test: After all the other routine inspections, the final test to ensure an HVAC unit is functioning is the operation test. During this test, the technician turns on the unit after servicing it and makes sure everything is working properly. This includes listening for any problematic noises and checking for airflow. After the technician ensures the unit is in top condition, the routine AC maintenance is complete.

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HVAC units need check-ups just like people do. Doctors appointments are crucial, and you wouldn’t want just anyone ensuring that your body is functioning correctly. Similarly, the best way to be certain your HVAC unit is being serviced correctly is by choosing a trusted and skilled technician. At Long Heating and Cooling, we value your total comfort and achieve it with our high-quality service. Contact us by calling 334-790-0977 or visit to schedule your maintenance and stop problems before they happen.