R22 (the ‘old refrigerant’) is being phased out starting 2020. What does this mean?

What Does This Mean for Your Air Conditioner?

It means that due to environmental reasons, the Air Conditioning governing agencies have decided to replace this refrigerant with R410A (‘the new refrigerant’). So what now??? What if you have a system with the old R22 refrigerant? 

No matter what air conditioner high pressure sales people say, this DOES NOT mean R22 is illegal or you need to immediately replace your AC system…don’t let anyone tell you this. R22 will no longer be manufactured, but will be available for some years. R22 that has been reclaimed, per EPA standards, will be sold. Also, there are retrofit refrigerants that can be used in these air conditioning systems, if needed.

What To Expect If Have This Type of AC System

Saying all this, R22 is more expensive, and as with all systems, eventually the air conditioner repairs become too costly, or not possible, using the old R22 refrigerant. Talk to a licensed air conditioner HVAC technician that you trust to walk you through your options. Don’t let high pressure AC sales back you in a corner…know what your options are!!!

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