It is important for all homeowners to be familiar with basic knowledge about HVAC upkeep. However, for the average person, the terminology involved with the mechanics of air conditioning units can be intimidating. Thankfully, HVAC technicians hold a wealth of knowledge about all things related to air conditioning and heating systems, which makes it a good idea to take advantage of this knowledge whenever you schedule any kind of HVAC service. By asking your HVAC tech a few key questions, you can become more knowledgeable about how your air conditioning system operates, and maximize the efficiency of your home unit.

Question #1: How often does my HVAC unit need maintenance?

The answer to this question may vary based on the HVAC company you choose. For example, some would suggest that maintenance is only necessary once a year, while others advise that biannual appointments work best. Some companies even claim that once every other year is often enough for HVAC maintenance, though most experts would recommend scheduling more often than that. Long Heating and Cooling recommends the standard biannual maintenance appointments, especially for an area as hot as southeastern Alabama.

Question #2: How can I decrease my electricity bill?

In such an unstable and expensive economy, this question is crucial to ask. The HVAC unit can contribute heavily to energy bill prices, and by learning how to efficiently manage the usage of your unit, you can cut down on electricity costs. Depending on the state of your current HVAC unit, your technician may recommend a newer, more energy-efficient model, which in some cases can make up for its cost by operating in a more energy-efficient manner. Your technician may also recommend other energy-efficient technology such as a programmable thermostat, and offer general tips on how to save energy in your home using your HVAC unit.

Question #3: How can I improve my indoor air quality?

The HVAC system is designed not only to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but also to regulate the indoor air quality. An experienced technician can help explain how to maintain ideal humidity levels and provide tips for limiting allergens in the air. Additionally, a technician may recommend upgrading to a higher quality filter, or in some cases, a humidifier. By increasing indoor air quality, you can ensure the comfort of everyone in your home.

Choose technicians you can trust

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