About 66% of American households own one or more pets, which means that over 86 million homes in the US include at least one pet. These animal friends are a huge part of just about every aspect of their owners’ lives, including the state of the air conditioning system of the home. While it may not seem like the typical requirement involved with taking care of a pet, maintaining your indoor air quality is important for the health and comfort of both you and your pet. To ensure your pet is happy and healthy, there are a few steps you can take that will prevent your air conditioning system from being compromised.


To any owners of furry friends, this may seem like an obvious step. Dogs and cats shed a lot of hair, and most breeds have major shedding twice a year in the spring and the fall. Vacuuming all carpets in the home at least twice a week is a great way to keep animal hair under control. Otherwise, the dander could collect in air ducts and air filters, which could block airflow, decrease indoor air quality, and increase energy bills by making your system have to work harder.

Brush pets

This step goes hand-in-hand with the previous step! When you brush your pet’s fur, you eliminate loose hair that would simply float around the house. Brush your pets regularly, and outside if possible. Clean the brush afterwards, and dispose of all loose hair that comes off after brushing. This step can also help with any dander allergies by limiting the allergens filling the home.

Change air filters

Though probably the most basic step in air conditioning maintenance, changing air filters regularly is incredibly important. Pet dander easily collects in air filters, and experts suggest checking at least once a month to clean or change the filters. If you are unsure which filters work best for a home with a cat or dog, ask an HVAC professional.

Check air ducts

Just like air filters, air ducts in your air conditioning system can become clogged with a buildup of pet dander and other allergens. A quick cleaning with a vacuum attachment or handheld vacuum can eliminate clogging that will cause your air conditioning to run inefficiently, and save you money on energy bills. Additionally, if you have a small pet like a rodent or a reptile, be careful about where they crawl around! If your pet makes its way into an air vent, it could be a lot of trouble getting it out. Ensure that all potential entrances for your pet to access an air vent are inaccessible, and keep an eye on your pet.

Twice annual maintenance

Experts suggest that biannual air conditioning maintenance is ideal to ensure a functioning and efficient system, preferably in the spring and fall before the hottest and coldest months of the year. Coincidentally, this is also the frequency that most furry pets have large-scale shedding! By getting your AC unit checked during these times, you can ensure that your air vents, air filters, and all other aspects of your system are working well and unclogged by excess pet dander. To schedule your maintenance today, you can book here, or call 334-790-0977.