The quality of air in your home is strongly connected to the health and well-being of your family. Use these three questions to evaluate your home’s indoor air quality:

Is there moisture and/or condensation on your windows or walls?

Excess moisture is harmful because it promotes growth of mold and mildew. The solution is  proper ventilation. Be sure to run the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom during high-humidity scenarios. If you suspect a moisture problem in your home, your HVAC technician will inspect your ductwork for potential damage or debris.

Is the air in your home often smelly or stuffy?

This could indicate a dirty filter and/or dirty HVAC components. Change your air filter regularly and have your technician clean ductwork and vents of dust, dander, pet hair, etc.

Has your HVAC been serviced recently?

Routine maintenance is key to indoor air quality. Keeping the unit running properly will improve air quality and HVAC efficiency. Call Long Heating & Cooling to schedule maintenance. Our trained technicians will come to your home, clean & inspect your HVAC components and answer your air quality questions.

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