Determining the right time to replace your HVAC unit can be difficult. Replacement is costly, so choosing the right time is challenging. But, you don’t have to flounder in indecision. Here are six things to consider while making your decision.

Age of the Unit

The Department of Energy recommends replacing your HVAC system every 10 to 15 years. Normal use over years can cause components to deteriorate. These worn-out parts will eventually lead to breakdown and failure. An older unit usually costs more to repair as parts are older and harder to find

Cost of Unit Repair

Some issues a homeowner faces regarding their system can be easily fixed with a repair or a replacement part. But as the unit gets older, replacement parts can cost more than the unit is currently worth.  A good rule of thumb is that when the cost of repairing an older unit costs more than $1,000, it is sensible to put that money toward a new system. Making the costly repair may temporarily fix the problem, but it is very likely that more (and perhaps more costly) repairs are to come. Replacing an older, struggling unit is a big expense, but the newer unit will require less repair and save you money down the road.

Energy Bill Increases

If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your energy bills in recent months, it may be because your unit is working overtime to cool your home. Aging components become sluggish and require more power to function. This escalation in power use results in increases to your monthly energy bill. Over time, the cost to operate your system could be greater than the cost of replacing the unit.

Decreased Comfort

As your unit ages, you may notice some rooms remain warmer than others during the summer. The reason for this could be as simple as a dirty air filter. Or, it could indicate a more complex issue like a malfunctioning fan motor or a defective air compressor.  However, this unbalanced airflow very well may be an indication that your unit is wearing down.

Poor Air Quality

If your unit is not able to properly maintain good air quality, it is possible that it needs to be replaced. If you notice extreme humidity in your house or start to see mold or excessive dust on your walls, these may be signs that there is damage to your unit.

Strange Noises

HVAC systems are meant to run fairly quietly. When you notice loud grinding or squealing noises, it is imperative that a qualified HVAC technician check your system. While these noises can often indicate something that is easily remedied, they may also be the result of a deteriorating system.

The technicians at Long Heating and Cooling are equipped with the knowledge to help you decide when it is time to replace your unit. We will assess your equipment and give you an honest evaluation of your needs. If a few minor repairs are all that is needed, we will take care of those. If a unit replacement is advisable, we can take care of that too. Call today to schedule an evaluation.