Creating a comfortable environment in your home is more than just controlling the temperature. Managing humidity, filtering airborne pollutants, and maintaining proper ventilation are all vital to your indoor air quality. These can dramatically impact the level of comfort in your home. Your home’s air should be filtered and cleaned with limited volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pollutants that can affect allergies.

The fact is, air pollution in your home can be just as bad – or even worse – than it is outdoors. On average Americans spend 87 – 90% of their life indoors so you can see why maintaining healthy indoor air quality is so important. But don’t panic! With a little preventative maintenance and some basic knowledge, you can take immediate steps to improve your indoor air quality today. For Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Dothan, contact Long Heating and Cooling

1. Change Your AC Filter

Your air-conditioning system is always working to give your home that perfect temperature. While it’s cycling through all that air, it’s also filtering out air pollutants. Eventually, your air filters fill up and stop doing their job.

It’s easy to overlook one of the basic ways to protect your family’s health: replacing your AC filter. A dirty filter can lead to dirty air circulating through your home. Dirty air could lead to an increase in allergy symptoms or upper respiratory difficulties for you and your family.

Not only does that cause trouble for your indoor air quality, it also wears down your AC system, which can lead to costly repairs down the road. So, be sure to change your AC filters regularly, or get an air conditioning service plan which normally includes a filter change.

2. Clean Your Air Ducts

Air ducts are responsible for distributing hot and cold air throughout your home, providing a comfortable climate in every room. Naturally, you will want this air to be as clean as possible. Over time, dust, dander and even mold can accumulate in your ducts, reducing the overall air quality.

Duct cleaning involves removing the buildup of dust and grime that can adhere to the internal surfaces of your air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts can remove allergens, remove bad smells, improve air flow, and help prevent equipment failure.

3. Control Humidity in Your Home

When humidity levels are above 50%, indoor air quality becomes compromised. Humid and moist conditions cause your home to become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, dust, allergens, and bacteria that can trigger respiratory issues like allergies and asthma.

In South Alabama, the hot summer months can bring about especially humid conditions. Lower humidity levels prevent bacterial growth from thriving and an air purifier will help clear the air of pollutants. Control the humidity and air quality in your home by scheduling regular AC maintenance and have the ducts cleaned regularly.

To assess your home’s indoor air quality in Dothan, contact Long Heating and Cooling.