Everything Loves An Air Conditioner

Whether it’s a lizard, snake, or bug… ALL kinds of animals love an air conditioner. They’re cold in some places, warm in others… perfect for a small animal that can fit into tight places to camp out. The problem is that small critters and air conditioners don’t mix well. Ants and other bugs find electricity very intriguing. As shown in the picture, a popular place for ants to camp out is in the contactor. They will inevitably cause it to short out, or jam (most likely in the summer heat when you have company over!). As much as we may love animals, the air conditioner isn’t a good place for them. It will ultimately lead to either the demise of the animal, the demise of the air conditioner, or, well, the demise of both.

What Can We Do About It?

One option, and the most popular among us home owners, is to not do anything, to assume that this will never happen in our A/C, and to let the freeloaders crash for a little while until our air conditioner stops working. Once the air conditioner stops working, we’ll get a tech out to get rid of the crispy critter, and then wait for it to happen again.

The better option is to sign up for Long Heating and Cooling’s Premium Maintenance Plan. This is the only real way to prevent this from happening. You can invest in some expensive equipment that may temporarily help keep them out, but if they want to visit your A/C they will. With a Premium Maintenance Plan won’t have to worry about your HVAC system. A licensed service expert will come by twice a year and inspect all equipment. If there’s any sign of bugs, lizards, mice (yes, they love to build nests in our equipment), etc., we will cut their stay short. Most of the time this will catch the issue prior to any major damage to your system.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take back control of your A/C equipment! Call us today or book with us online.

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