Case Study: From Leaky Furnace to Safe Air Quality

If keeping your home comfortable means installing a new heat pump, Long Heating & Cooling will help you select the correct system to properly condition your air and keep you comfortable all year. Our technicians are experts in installation and will provide honest and respectful service.

Long Heating & Cooling installed a 16 SEER Goodman American-made heat pump, including all new duct work, an iWave-R air purification system, and a wifi thermostat in this client’s home. 

The existing unit was an old furnace located in the crawl space.  Because of rust, dirty air was leaking into the system, and cool air was leaking out into the crawl space.  The leaky, rusting duct work would soon lead to exposure to mice, insects, dust, and other debris in the home’s air.   Our clients made the smart decision to remove the existing system and install a totally new one in the attic. The installation included all new registers, air returns, electrical wiring, condensate lines, refrigerant line sets, and complete ductwork.  We were happy to help make their home a more safe and more comfortable place.

One of the cool (no pun intended) additional features included in their installation was an air purification system… the iWave-R air purification system.  It is self-cleaning, which means no expensive bulbs each year. Once in place, it removes odors, allergens, dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses from the air. 

In addition, the client chose to add a 10-year labor warranty to go along with the 10-year parts warranty.  This means no worries at all; if anything goes wrong, they’re 100% covered on any costs!

We were pleased with the results, and are excited for our client. They’ll be heading into warmer months with cool and clean air!