Just Add a Little AC Refrigerant And It Will Work

This is often what people think when their air conditioner isn’t cooling.  Like most mechanical things in our home, we assume that if we just add a little more of what makes it work then we’ll be ok…is this right?  For an air conditioner system it’s not…let me explain.  Your air conditioning system is a closed system.  Theoretically, it should never leak.  That’s right, it should run forever with no added refrigerant…don’t we wish!  But in a perfect work that’s what would happen. 

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Then?

Since we don’t live in a perfect work, our air conditioner doesn’t always hold up for as long, or as long, as we would like.  Our air conditioner gets old, corrosion begins to build, we haven’t done regular maintenance, leaks form, etc etc etc.  When a leak forms it’s typically not immediately noticeable (these are normally very small leaks).  You may notice that your thermostat doesn’t keep the temperature like it used to, it feels a little warmer or humid in the house, or maybe you even noticed the AC unit freeze up once or twice.  These are all signs that something is not right.  It does not mean you definitely have a leak, but will require an inspection from a reliable, licensed air conditioning company.  They can come out, check your system and give you your options to get it back running like it used to.

What Can I Do To Avoid Refrigerant Leak Issues?

As I always mention, your best option is to have regular maintenance done.  For a small annual fee you get your air conditioner inspected twice a year.  During the maintenance, your technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your system temperatures/ pressures/ air temperature drop/ etc.  They will then advise you of your options.  If everything checks out ok, no issues!  If your system is not properly functioning in any areas, the technician will give you recommendations for your air conditioning system.  Although the AC company can’t prevent issues from happening, by catching them right away you save YEARS of life of your AC.  When refrigerant gets low, components aren’t functioning like they should and are having a huge strain placed on them.  This is the same when you have a dirty AC…it makes it work much harder, and under higher temperature conditions, and will definitely lead to total system failure earlier than it should.  By keeping up on your maintenance you can ensure early detection of any problems, and a clean system.  If  you don’t already have one, sign up for our Premium Maintenance Plan.  It’ll be the best decision you make for the life of your air conditioner!

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