We’re living in strange times. Things that were once thought of as ‘no big deal’ can now be major concerns. We know this at Long Heating and Cooling and are therefore taking all precautions to protect our valued customers and their families, our employees, and our own families.

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Our culture isn’t used to walking around wearing protective equipment.  However, due to the severity of COVID-19, we are implementing all recommended precautions regarding PPE.  While indoors for a service call, maintenance, or full-day installation, we wear N95 protective masks.  Although we normally wear boot covers to limit the tracking of outside dirt into a customer’s home, we are continuing this for both cleanliness and health safety.

Social Distancing

We enjoy talking with you, explaining how your system works, what may be causing a problem, etc. We see it as our job to help you better manage and maintain your AC system. We will always continue to do this, but during this time, we seek to maintain a safe distance: at least the minimum of 6 feet between ourselves and others, and wearing a mask.

Basic Cleanliness/ Hygiene

Although this is a basic part of our lives, most people these days are taking a more active role to avoid getting and spreading germs. We are no exception. The easiest way to do this is through normal basic hygiene. Hand washing, wearing clean clothes, and hand sanitizer are essentials. Not new to us, or anyone else for that matter, but through increased frequency and being more intentional, we’re keeping ourselves and others safe.

With the weather heating up, we know our services are becoming increasingly needed. Just know that our number one priority is to keep you safe. We’ll always get you cold air during the summer…that’s not an issue…but your health and safety are our number one priority during these times. We’ll be taking every precaution to ensure this.