This is the air conditioner’s drawbridge that turns on your outdoor unit. The contactor is located in the outside unit’s control panel. When the thermostat in your house calls for air conditioning it causes this device to close. This allows for the flow of electricity to the outdoor unit’s components. When the thermostat no longer calls for AC, the contactor opens, and the flow of electricity stops. It simply cuts on and off the outdoor unit based on you adjusting the thermostat.

Some Common Issues With the Air Conditioner Contactor:

  •  Getting stuck shut: Outdoor unit will not shut off and often the indoor unit will freeze up.
  • Won’t close: Electricity can no longer flow to components and therefore it doesn’t start. Your unit will not cool when this happens.
  • Sometimes you can get bugs/ critters that cause the contactor not to work. Ants all over the contactor, lizards, mice, frogs are common as well. This will also cause the contactor not to close and your system not to cool. To prevent this ensure you’re part of our Premium Maintenance Plan                                     

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