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We are professional and dependable air conditioning experts proudly serving the Dothan, AL area. Our team of residential and commercial AC engineers is fully licensed, and we aim to create lasting relationships with our customers.

Trust in Long Heating and Cooling to ensure enduring comfort within your residence. We supply premium air conditioners and offer air conditioning repair in Dothan, AL, safeguarding your comfort during Alabama’s hot summer months.

Recognizing the Need for AC Repair Dothan, AL

Does your AC in Dothan require repairs? Long Heating and Cooling offers air conditioner repair in Dothan, AL to make your system more efficient. Here are some frequent signs your air conditioner may need repair:


Warm Air

If warm air continues to blow from your AC unit while in cooling mode, it’s time for repairs.

Poor Airflow

A clogged air filter or broken motor can cause poor airflow for your AC unit, which is easily repairable with AC repair in Dothan, AL, from Long Heating and Cooling.

Water Leaks

Water leaks in your cooling system could lead to potential damage to your walls and appliances. In the event of water leaks, immediately get in touch with a technician for air conditioning repair in Dothan, AL.

Unpleasant Odors

Microbial growth in your AC system can cause unpleasant odors, and it’s best to resolve the issue before the aromas become more unpleasant. With AC repair in Dothan AL, you can ensure the filter in your unit is clean and odor-free.

Our Comprehensive AC Repair Process
in Dothan, AL

When we provide air conditioner repair in Dothan, AL, we improve the function of your system and extend its lifespan. We provide servicing and repairs for all AC brands and work with compressors, evaporators, expansion valves, and condensers. When you choose us for air conditioning repair in Dothan, AL, we make sure the repair process is smooth and efficient.

Top-Notch Air Conditioning Installation in Dothan, AL: Long Cooling & Heating

Need a new air conditioner in Dothan, AL? Long Heating and Cooling offers reliable and long-lasting air conditioner installation. We not only operate in Dothan, AL but also provide a comprehensive array of HVAC services in Enterprise, AL.

Installing a new system can be expensive; however, we offer competitive pricing for air conditioning in Dothan, AL – and a new system will be more energy-efficient, saving you money on your energy bills. Apart from our extensive air conditioning installation services, we also provide furnace installations in Dothan, AL.

We want our customers to receive long-term comfort, and that’s why we provide recommendations and support to ensure you get the right air conditioning unit for your home.

You can count on us for reliable air conditioning installation in Dothan, AL. Here are some of the benefits of a new air conditioner installation:

Experience Long-Lasting Comfort with New AC Installation

Our air conditioners are designed to provide lasting comfort in your home, allowing you to enjoy cooler days in the hot summer months.

Increase Energy-Efficiency with Modern Air Conditioning Installation

Newer AC models are more energy-efficient – they practically pay for themself by saving you money on your energy bill over time.

Managing Humidity: Another Advantage of New AC Installation

Proper AC units help to minimize the humidity levels in your home for cleaner, fresher air.

A Year-Round Investment: A Source of Heat

Your AC unit can double up as a heat source in winter, allowing you to use this investment year-round.

Considering Air Conditioning Replacement in Dothan, AL? Know the Signs

Should you replace your AC system? At Long Heating and Cooling, we can help you select the correct system to condition your air and keep you comfortable all year. Here are the signs your AC system needs replacement:

Expensive Utility Bills

Utility bills rising could indicate that your old unit has to work too hard to keep up with demand.

Uncomfortable Temperature at Home

If your home’s air conditioner is not maintaining a comfortable temperature, it could be time to replace your old unit.

Strange Noises from Your AC

When your AC gets old, you may hear strange noises from your unit due to worn-out and overused parts.


Our Efficient Air Conditioning Replacement Process in Dothan, AL

Our air conditioning replacement Dothan, AL provides a newer, more energy-efficient solution to manage your monthly payments. We provide quality systems and installation to ensure you get your money’s worth. We work with a wide range of models and perform high-quality work. Our expert services are not confined to Dothan, AL; we also provide HVAC services in Headland, AL.

AC system still working? In that case, you most likely need an AC repair in Dothan, instead of a full replacement. Contact our team today to get a free quote.

Unrivalled AC Repair Services in Dothan, AL at Long Cooling & Heating

Our air conditioning service in Dothan, AL allows you to protect your investment and ensure your system is operating at full capacity. If you want to protect your investment, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your AC keeps running at peak performance and extends the life of your system. Here are the maintenance services we offer:

Get in Touch with Long Heating and Cooling for Reliable Air Conditioning Repair

Rely on us for quality installation, repair, replacement, and air conditioner service. Call us now at (334) 790-0977 to speak to our team for air conditioning repair in Dothan, AL.

In addition to our comprehensive air conditioning services, we’re also proud to provide top-quality heat pump repair in Dothan, AL.


Here are some of the questions you might have regarding air conditioners.

Is Running an Air Conditioner Expensive?

Air conditioning is around 30-40% less expensive to run than in the 90s. Opting for a newer system or replacing your old one can make air conditioning more affordable.

How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Is Broken?

Your air conditioner could be broken if it does not provide a comfortable home temperature, produces strange noises, and increases utility bills. You should consider a replacement in these cases.

Why Should I Opt for Air Conditioning Service?

Opting for air conditioning services helps you to get your money’s worth. If you do not clean and maintain your system, it may not operate efficiently, wasting energy and money. Servicing can help you to ensure your AC unit is continually operating efficiently.

What is the Best Air Conditioning Unit for Me?

The best air conditioning unit depends on your home’s air volume and the required cooling. Speaking to an air conditioning engineer can help you to determine which AC unit is suitable for your home or business.

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

Air conditioning units, when maintained and repaired correctly, should last between 15 and 20 years. At Long Heating and Cooling, we provide air conditioner service to help you make the most of your investment.